wooden playing board

The toy includes a set of special colourful tubes that can be inserted between hundreds of pegs on the board and thus create images, letters or words. Due to the firmness of tubes and the distribution of pegs the toy strongly enhances the mobility of hand and wrist.

Important information

  1. One board weighs about 3kg, it is therefore necessary to choose an adequate wall mounting method with regard to the type of the material of the wall (wall plugs, or chemical anchoring). The anchoring features are not included.
  2. The board is intended for indoor use only with optimal humidity and temperature conditions.
  3. In case of installing more boards, mount them tightly together, so the distance between pegs is maintained.
  4. The manufacture strongly recommends using all four pre-drilled holes for the wall mounting.
  5. The wall should be flat and dry.
  6. For better fitting of connected boards there are two holes on sides of each board for inserting furniture pegs. These pegs are included. The pegs do not have to be used if the wall is absolutely flat.
The board is designed for children from 3 years of age.

ŽÍŽALICE does not need a lot of space. Basic square board has dimensions 506 x 506 mm and more boards can be put together to form a larger surface. Four pre-drilled holes serve to the wall mounting. The basic set includes 8.2 meters of coloured tubes of different lengths. Storage box for tubes and additional tubes can be purchased in any quantity.

The materials are of the highest possible quality and conform to EN 71.

The board does not require any maintenance, and rubber tubes are dishwasher-safe.

The board is designed for indoor use only, while maintaining optimal humidity and temperature about 18 °C.

The toy is not suitable for outdoor use.

The toy is registered with the Industrial Property Office in Prague.

We believe that thanks to ŽÍŽALICE you will spend many happy moments with your children and reveal your artistic and creative spirit.

Míša Drahoňovská